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10Days《The balloon entrepreneurship programme at the camp》
The balloon industry in ChinaStudents make money the highest success rateThe training course
Five advantages course
  • 1、One advantage:Comprehensive
  • 2、Advantage 2:The contents of actual combat
  • 3、Three advantage:The content and practical
  • 4、Advantage four:Content of the system
  • 5、The advantage of five:Content of the trend
Suits the crowd:
  • 1、A crowd:The balloon enthusiasts
  • 2、The crowd:The balloon entrepreneurs
  • 3、Three crowd:Zero basis
The balloon video tutorial
China's balloon industry's most comprehensive the most practical video tutorial
Five advantages tutorial
  • 1、One advantage:Content of the system
  • 2、Advantage 2:Explain in detail
  • 3、Three advantage:Modelling of actual combat
  • 4、Advantage four:Easy to fit
  • 5、The advantage of five:The difficulty is
Suits the crowd:
  • 1、A crowd:Zero basis
  • 2、The crowd:The balloon entrepreneurs
  • 3、Three crowd:The balloon enthusiasts
Students story
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Practical cases
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Successive training large photo
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