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Guangdong pearl river electric wire electric cable co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Manufacturing and sales for the integration of large wire and cable companies。After years of baptism,We have developed into a factory building covers an area of300Mu,The annual output up to50Cable companies。Our company focus、Specializing in the production of power cable、Installed cable、The TV line、The line of control、Special cable、Flame retardant、Refractory、Low smoke zero halogen、The termite and other dozens of series, thousands of specifications products。

The Europe type style of the pearl river cable brand company production workshop,The introduction of lead wire and cable manufacturing techniques,

Quality assurance:Ensures that each wire and cable is a conform to the state(GB/JB)And international electrician committee standard(IEC)Production;

Effective guarantee:48Hours of delivery on time,Is for us... To view more

Product center

Each product strict test,The scale of production,The company has the abundant technical strength,Technical department by experienced technology

Engineers,Is green energy-saving electric wire electric cable procurement suppliers,Safeguard。

High quality is the result of the pearl river cable

Through the introduction of advanced technology for cable manufacturing、Production equipment、Testing equipment、Delivery system、Acquisition system, etc,Coupled with high-quality professional and technical team,And automation technology,Let pearl river cable to produce the high quality of cable products in the industry,And make the pearl river cable management advanced、Technology intensive、Brands of domestic and international standards of the cable industry!


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Fen jiang cable share crosslinking polyethylene cable be affected with damp be affected with damp

In the urban power grid renovation project,Especially polyethylene insulated power cable has been widely used。But due to the particularity of cable,For the installation of cable、Operation and maintenance has special requirements。...


Common faults Fen jiang cable teach you handle cable lines

Cable line common fault with mechanical damage、Insulation damage、Insulation be affected with damp be affected with damp、Insulation aging metamorphism、Overvoltage、Cable overheating fault, etc。When line fault occur,Will be cut off the power supply of the cable failure,To find fault point,The fault inspection and analysis,And then to repair and test,The mutilation of mutilation,...


Fen jiang cable fire cable hot market

Is the most valuable information in the network transmission instead of network equipment,In order to ensure the safety of the data,After people have hope in the event of a fire,Can have enough time in front of the whole network paralysis will all the data collecting,And they moved to a safe place,Minimize the possibility of data loss。So a lot to see...


Fen jiang cable,Myth of choose and buy you out of the cable?

Living at home,I'm afraid there are few people didn't buy any wires。But asked about how to choose,Many people but it's hard to say out the 123。Because a lot of people to buy wire and cable lack common sense,So often appear some purchase on the erroneous zone,By the“Fen jiang”Cable,The most common phenomenon as follows:...

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